Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kansas Originals and Red Hat Ladies

Red Hat Society ladies are true originals they are festive and fun with names like: Red Hot Jewels (Jewel County KS group) and Red Hot Czechettes (Wilson, KS group). It is great to see a group of people out for a good time enjoying a fun day with the companionship of like minded people. On Sunday, February 13, 2010 both groups of Red Hat Ladies were visiting Kansas Originals Market in Wilson, KS.

Kansas Originals Market celebrates original Kansas craftsmen, cooks and artists. It is a non profit foundation that offers "high quality and home-grown products created with pride" and exceptional craftsmanship. The products are consigned by a majority of people over 62 yrs, low income, minorities and/or women in business for themselves.

When you walk i
n the door it is a feast for the senses.

The Red Hat Society display welcomed the two Red Hat Society groups that came to shop and look.

The Kansas food room is full of
samples for trying before buying; wonderful mixes, jellies, jams and butters, pickles, candies and relishes. There are also recipe books, embroidered tea towels and other delightful fare to fill a shopping bag with a taste of Kansas.

The Red Hot Jewels of Jewel County stopped shopping long enough to smile for the camera: Their names in no particular order are: Clarabelle, Rosella,Martha L, Roberta, Darlene, Matha H, Twila, Sandra, Jane, Betty, JoAnn.

The Red Hot Czechettes (Wilson) also took a break to show off their beautiful red hats and attire. Their names (in no particular order) are: Jan, Sue, Vera, Alice, Zona, Fran, Rita.

Take a day off to drive to Kansas Originals Market in Central Kansas, spend time browsing the wonderful Kansas products and then drive up north around Lake Wilson, across the dam and to Lucas, KS where you will see the Garden of Eden and wonderful grass roots art. Rural Kansas has some amazing surprises in store for you. Kansas Originals Market is right off I70 about 50 miles West of Salina, KS. The map can be moved with your mouse to see where Wilson and Wilson Lake are located from other major cities in Kansas. Enjoy! :o)

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  1. Interesting--I will have to look this place up, see where it is.