Thursday, November 26, 2009

The meaning of Thanks and Giving

A true warm fuzzy Thanks
giving day
Serving up the food
Trinity United Methodist Church in Russell, KS held their community Thanksgiving dinner November 26, 2009 at noon. They served over 175 meals and delivered 30 of them to anyone who requested them. That extended beyond shut-ins to the sheriff's office and Casey's on duty employees.

Dannie'll and helpers
This wonderful community dinner (a 30 year tradition) was nearly canceled two years ago when the church felt there were not enough people participating to make it worthwhile and volunteers were hard to find. Fortunately the church secretary, Danniell Heaton talked them into trying one more year. With the help of volunteers and sponsors everyone really worked hard to put it together last year serving about 125 people. This year they served 175 dinners.

"Was the food good?" "You betcha!"
What a joy it was to be there with great family food: turkey, mashed and sweet potatoes, three kinds of dressing, green bean casserole, hot rolls and covered dish goodies. Yum

What a blessing this tradition was rescued for the community. What great fun to see all the smiles and people lingering in the church hall long after dinner sharing their time with each other. When asked " was the dinner good" the reply "you betcha!"

What greater Thanksgiving pleasure than seeing children fully invested in the event through their laughter and play.

"Anyone coming?"

"I d
unno, maybe we should pray or

Rural paths took on the true me
aning today in Russell, KS.
Thanks--people came together and shared dinner in a true community spirit much like the first Thanksgiving.
Giving--the cooks, bakers, servers, donations and covered dish treasures made it all happen

Have a blessed and happy holiday season and enjoy the rural lifestyle we all find so wonderful

Eating at the community dinner even left time to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade