Friday, January 8, 2010

Encore Antiques Collectibles, Everything deserves a second chance

"Everything deserves a second chance" and if you are looking for nostalgia, grandma's potato masher, Evening in Paris perfume, Fiestaware or your own fond memories of wonderful treasures. You will find them at Encore Antiques and Collectables on Hwy 281 in
Russell, KS. 67665

Encore Antiques and Collectables, 590 S. Fossil (Hwy 281), Russell, KS 67665 (Bob Dole's hometown) became a new vendor mall for sellers of antiques and collectibles late in 2009. In April of 2010 they expanded the space for more vendor spaces and are rapidly filling the new spaces up too. Telephone 785-445-8480

Crystal and Ward Craig and Sheryl Krug are the owners and partners of Encore Antiques and Collectables. About a year ago the idea of opening a state-of-the-art antique mall started as a dream and became a reality in Autumn of 2009 when their building was completed. They aren't just preserving bits of history through sales but preserving the area ecology with a building designed for the least ecological impact on the environment.

The original mall spaces were filled within two months and they have expanded into a larger area for more vendor spaces.

What a pleasure to walk in the front door of this beautiful building with spacious aisles and well placed and stocked booths with everything you might want in easy reach. Come on in and browse the memories, you can touch and remember and even find a taste of Kansas made offerings. Chat with Crystal, Sheryl and Ward and maybe just revisit your your yesterdays.