Monday, October 4, 2010

Lucas, Sylvan Grove, Wilson Community Yard Sales

105 miles in search of Treasures.
In each journey we may find crossroads and have to decide which way to go. When I reached this crossroad 16 miles north of Russell, KS it looked like the Garden of Eden promised the yard sales. So I headed for Lucas, Ks where the Garden of Eden is located. Once I arrived the yard sales were not full of treasures for my picking. But I did find some great carrot cake

It was a nice day so decided to look around a bit. First I visited the Lucas Grass Roots museum

and said hello to Rosslyn Schultz who was giving guided tours. What a great place
for eccentric art. I love the creativity of people who have no boundries.

Then stopped by the Garden of Eden which is a great place to learn of one man's passion and eccentricity. SP Dinsmore was 64 when he began his quest to share his opinions with the world. He created a glass casket and is buried in the foreground building so people can view his remains.

Garden of Eden, Lucas, KS
The song "John Brown's body lies a'mouldering in the grave" comes to mind.

The sun was moving higher in the sky and it was time to move on to the next town and more adventures.

(Footnote: Paradise is a town a few miles west of the intersection)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midland Hotel Wilson KS, memories and beauty in a small town

Early Midland Hotel

Midland Railroad Hotel in 2010

Elsie Stoppel Rude stayed at the Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson KS during the annual Czech Festival July 2010. The Festival is held the last weekend of July and celebrates the town's heritage. The small town of about 850 people is alive with visitors for the two day event when families get together to have some Czech fun. The recently reopened Midland Railroad Hotel was filled to capacity. The Festival and hotel are a testament to small town initiative. The hotel's history spans more than 111 years and even had a movie filmed there, (Paper Moon 1973)

Elsie was a chambermaid at the Midland
Railroad Hotel 70 years ago and shared some of her memories about the experience. She and her two sisters worked there one summer when she was about 16. The going wage was about $4 a month plus room and board. She remembers that chickens were raised on top floor of the four story building to help defray the cost of operation. Elsie remembers getting up about 5am and working long hours in the kitchen and cleaning rooms each day.
Heddy Mahoney at front desk
Things have changed since Elsie worked there as the Midland Railroad Hotel underwent over $3 million dollars in renovation in 2003. Unfortunately after the renovation the hotel did not remain in operation and recently was sold to Tom and Heddy Mahoney of Dorrance KS.

It reopened just in time for the Czech F
estival with Heddy at the front desk greeting guests and making sure everything ran smooth.

The Midland rivals any five star hotel experience but with the charm of small town livi
ng. It is within driving distance of Lake Wilson a boating, camping, fishing lake and if you have an inkling for antiques and treasure hunting the area is the place to do it. There are not any chickens on the top floor now. Restaurant is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday beginning at 5pm

Contact information for the Midland RailRoad Hotel: Telephone-785 658 226 Address- 414 26th Street, Wilson, KS 67490; email--midland@wtc/ Owners Tom and Heddy Mahoney.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kansas Originals and Red Hat Ladies

Red Hat Society ladies are true originals they are festive and fun with names like: Red Hot Jewels (Jewel County KS group) and Red Hot Czechettes (Wilson, KS group). It is great to see a group of people out for a good time enjoying a fun day with the companionship of like minded people. On Sunday, February 13, 2010 both groups of Red Hat Ladies were visiting Kansas Originals Market in Wilson, KS.

Kansas Originals Market celebrates original Kansas craftsmen, cooks and artists. It is a non profit foundation that offers "high quality and home-grown products created with pride" and exceptional craftsmanship. The products are consigned by a majority of people over 62 yrs, low income, minorities and/or women in business for themselves.

When you walk i
n the door it is a feast for the senses.

The Red Hat Society display welcomed the two Red Hat Society groups that came to shop and look.

The Kansas food room is full of
samples for trying before buying; wonderful mixes, jellies, jams and butters, pickles, candies and relishes. There are also recipe books, embroidered tea towels and other delightful fare to fill a shopping bag with a taste of Kansas.

The Red Hot Jewels of Jewel County stopped shopping long enough to smile for the camera: Their names in no particular order are: Clarabelle, Rosella,Martha L, Roberta, Darlene, Matha H, Twila, Sandra, Jane, Betty, JoAnn.

The Red Hot Czechettes (Wilson) also took a break to show off their beautiful red hats and attire. Their names (in no particular order) are: Jan, Sue, Vera, Alice, Zona, Fran, Rita.

Take a day off to drive to Kansas Originals Market in Central Kansas, spend time browsing the wonderful Kansas products and then drive up north around Lake Wilson, across the dam and to Lucas, KS where you will see the Garden of Eden and wonderful grass roots art. Rural Kansas has some amazing surprises in store for you. Kansas Originals Market is right off I70 about 50 miles West of Salina, KS. The map can be moved with your mouse to see where Wilson and Wilson Lake are located from other major cities in Kansas. Enjoy! :o)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Encore Antiques Collectibles, Everything deserves a second chance

"Everything deserves a second chance" and if you are looking for nostalgia, grandma's potato masher, Evening in Paris perfume, Fiestaware or your own fond memories of wonderful treasures. You will find them at Encore Antiques and Collectables on Hwy 281 in
Russell, KS. 67665

Encore Antiques and Collectables, 590 S. Fossil (Hwy 281), Russell, KS 67665 (Bob Dole's hometown) became a new vendor mall for sellers of antiques and collectibles late in 2009. In April of 2010 they expanded the space for more vendor spaces and are rapidly filling the new spaces up too. Telephone 785-445-8480

Crystal and Ward Craig and Sheryl Krug are the owners and partners of Encore Antiques and Collectables. About a year ago the idea of opening a state-of-the-art antique mall started as a dream and became a reality in Autumn of 2009 when their building was completed. They aren't just preserving bits of history through sales but preserving the area ecology with a building designed for the least ecological impact on the environment.

The original mall spaces were filled within two months and they have expanded into a larger area for more vendor spaces.

What a pleasure to walk in the front door of this beautiful building with spacious aisles and well placed and stocked booths with everything you might want in easy reach. Come on in and browse the memories, you can touch and remember and even find a taste of Kansas made offerings. Chat with Crystal, Sheryl and Ward and maybe just revisit your your yesterdays.